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We provide a range of management consulting services to a local, regional and national companies.

Management consulting

C-level coaching

We find that many of our clients have high level needs for development.  Sometimes it’s about building strong leadership skills.  Often, Executives desire to craft and built a specific “Executive Image”.  Other times it’s about having an objective and skilled sounding board to brainstorm and challenge assumes. We work with C level executives to accelerate progress along a number of lines:

Salesforce transformation

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues. Today, selling has become highly strategic as it aims to sustain longer-term relationships with customers and adopt innovative methods and technologies for that purpose.

Within the context of ‘‘sales force effectiveness’’, we work with companies that aim to improve the performance of sales teams, shorten sales cycle  and increase sales through organizational restructuring, processes and methods, sales team strategy, competency models, and performance management. We also provide services to companies that are geared towards efficiency and simplifying sales processes through technology integration and automation.

We enable organizational structuring, definition of roles and responsibilities, and the redesign of sales processes and approaches.

We develop road maps and identify necessary competencies for creating a more capable sales force that works toward attaining sustainable customer relationships.

We design performance metrics and reward systems to improve sales force effectiveness and motivation.

We deliver support in the implementation of efficient technological solutions in sales operations.

Business man
Management consulting

Financial & Controlling

We provide a broad range of advisory services around M&A transactions, raising capital, and valuation. We offer client-specific, value-added services based on our clients’ needs for well-designed and efficiently executed transactions.

We also provide implementation of controlling system though define projects.

Human Capital

Today’s business challenges present a new wave of HR, talent and organization priorities. Our services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.

we also provide support in family generational shift and if required talent research and executive assesment projects

Management consulting
Management consulting

Interim management

We deliver effective and trusted Interim Executives, assessed for technical, situational and behavioural fit to your requirements within hours of initial contact.

The business challenges we solve: